Secure privacy provides a “Cookie classification” feature to classify and edit your cookie details. 

Note: changes to the classification of your cookies (and the cookie declaration) has to be applied by rescanning your domain.

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How to locate the feature

  1. Login into your Secure Privacy account, select the domain you will be working with by clicking the “domain-name” button and selecting the proper domain.

  2. Click “Cookies classification”.

  3. Locate a service, click a “Category” dropdown to adjust all particular service cookies into another category to fit your business flow.

Note: selecting a category will affect all cookies under the same detected service name - this is to allow a user(visitor) blocking a category to pertain consistent results for the same service name.


How to edit the category of a cookie?

  1. Locate the service you would like to edit and click “+” to expand and see all cookies associated with this service provider.


Note: the “Host” here - a domain name of the website placing this specific cookie, while “Service” - is a widely used name/tag associated with the cookie.

2. You can use the “Edit” button on the corresponding row to edit the “Category” of a particular cookie, as well as other parameters, like “Service” name/tag, “Privacy Policy” link and “Description”. Hit “Save” to apply your edits.



Please note: if a category has the “Multiple categories” value - that means that categories for cookies of this particular service provider have different values, and this may lead to unexpected results while reviewing your Consent tracker. Namely, when a visitor blocks one category but allows for another from the same service name provider - both cookies will be blocked since the “block” action has higher precedence over the “allow” action.

How to search for a particular service name?

You can search for a particular service using the filter text box “Search ...” at the top of the cookie classification tab.



How to search and edit a particular cookie?

You can search for a particular cookie name after you “ungroup” cookies (3) by clicking the “Group cookies” switch in the top right corner of the Cookie classification menu. Next, using the filter text box “Search ...” (4) at the top of the cookie classification tab, you can search for a partial cookie name and then proceed with the “Edit” (5) operation.