Cross domain is a powerful feature to improve the user experience of a website if you have multiple domains and/or sub-domains

Cross-domain consent is useful when you want to collect users' consent across multiple domains using a single cookie banner. It is good for the user experience when you redirect users to multiple websites/domains. You can see a video of the functionality here 

Follow these steps to enable cross-domain consent. We assume that you have already added your domains inside the domain management panel, and onboarding is complete for all domains.

  1. Install the Secure Privacy script on all domains.

  2. Click on All Domains and navigate to the Settings page.

  3. Scroll the table to the right, where you can see Domain Consent Group column.

  4. Edit the column Domain Consent Group for all the domains on which you want to enable cross-domain consent.

  5. Make sure that the label set for each group is the same. For example, in the image below, the cross-domain consent group name is GroupA.

       6. Once done, cross-domain consent is enabled for these domains.