You don't need to buy additional licenses if you need to move from development or QA to Production. Read this article and learn how to easily change your domain environment in Secure Privacy.

You may need to temporarily add a development, staging, or test domain before going into production. Follow the steps below to add and change your domain and settings:

  1. Login to Secure Privacy - Go to the upper left corner - Click on 'All Domains'
  2. Click on the "Edit domain" button in the row of the domain you want to edit.
  3. A modal window will popup allowing you to alter the name here.
  4. Enter your staging/testing/development server URL, e.g. - click "Save".

You can now use Secure Privacy on your new domain with the same API key and installation instructions.

Note: please perform a website rescan (on the "Report" section) to update cookies/services to the one on your staging development environment (in case you are experimenting with adding/deleting there).

Once you are done testing, simply edit back to e.g.  to go live with the changes you have already configured. Remember to perform a website rescan in case your environments are different.