Hello and Welcome to Secure Privacy?!

Below are a few steps to make your website GDPR/CCPA/LGPD compliant!

1. Install Secure Privacy

2. Design a cookie consent bar

3. Scan to enable blocking

4. Classify your cookies

5. Add more languages

First, let us install Secure Privacy to website/domain - it is simple as copying the script on the "Installation" page inside your account - 

and pasting into your website/CMS header (the top most of the head tag). We've covered most of the integrations here.

Matching the installed cookie banner with your website's design can be done via a few mouse clicks here


The next step is to perform a "website rescan" to enable automatic blocking for detected cookies and services (the button is under the "report" menu of your installed solution). No need to rescan your website for each of the installed solutions - the scan is performed for all your compliances.


Once the first scan finished - you can review detected cookies and services in the Cookie classification page and define categories there. Please perform website rescan to apply the changes made


Cookie banner, Data request form and Preference center can be shown in different languages -


These customer-facing UI elements will be shown using pre-translated text and can be adjusted to your business needs more precisely -