A domain and a subdomain would require a license, as they are technically often are separate domains and can place cookies and trackers individually as well. Any number of sub-pages are included into the license of the domain or subdomain.

Let us illustrate the above via example - 

- Domain: example.com (requires license)

- Sub-page: example.com/subpage (does not require license)

- Sub-domain: subdomain.example.com (requires license)

Nevertheless, we do have a few customers that have requested license for subpages - because their website architecture uses subpages to host different language versions of the main website: e.g. example.com/en, example.com/fr, example.com/sv and similar. And since they would like to have a unique setup, customized text, different cookies/services blocking and consent documentation for these specific domains - therefore, this architecture requires a separate license for each language sub-page.

In case you have a number of test and development environments where you don’t need Secure Privacy - you still may want to have a license for a Staging/User Acceptance environment, Customer, Country and/or Brand subdomains. Subdomain scanners can help you discover and identify subdomains you have by querying publicly available DNS information on services like this -