What is Google Consent Mode

Google Consent Mode is a way for your website to measure conversions and get analytics insights while being fully GDPR compliant when using services like Google Analytics, Floodlight, and Google Ads.

With the Google Consent Mode, your website is able to make all Google services run based on the consent of your end-users.

Secure Privacy and  Google Consent Mode integrate seamlessly to offer you streamlined use of all Google’s services in one easy solution.

Which Services support Google Consent Mode

Google tags for the following products contain built-in consent checks and adjust behavior based on consent state:

Google Analytics

Google Ads*


Conversion Linker

* includes Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing

How to enable Google Consent Mode.

Google consent mode can be easily enabled by our installation page. 

  • Navigate to Installation. > Blocking
  • Edit any service that supports Google Consent Mode
  • Enable Google Consent Mode
  • Note that if you enable consent mode on one service, all other Google services supporting GCM will be enabled automatically.

Will the cookies be automatically blocked on enabling Google consent mode?

 Yes, all the cookies coming from these services will be automatically blocked using Google consent mode

Where can I find the official documentation of Google Consent Mode?

More details about the GCM can be found here