If you use Adobe Launch to insert scripts or code that sets your cookies, you can configure the tool so that scripts are controlled by the Secure Privacy Preference center.

How it Works

We will load a secure privacy library via Adobe Launch on Library Loaded (the 
the first thing to load) condition

Once the library is loaded, we will set up an object with the accepted cookie code. We’ll store the codes in Data Element. 
Now when a user accepts the cookie the data element values will get changed. This change is used to trigger the rules in Adobe Launch.

In addition to this, we also add conditions to block all cookies by default. ( Applicable for GDPR )

In conditions, we will put a custom code check for cookie-accepted codes which we have stored in the data element.

Steps in Launch to trigger the rules for pixels once the user accepts the cookie consent: 

1. Create a Data Element -  For each service identified on the Scanner, we need to create Data Elements. Below is a screenshot of the Google Analytics service. Select Data Element Type as Custom Code.

2. Enable Default value - Click on the Enable default value checkbox and put 'false' as the default value.

3. Click on open Editor - Click on the open editor and paste the code shown below. Note to replace the Service name with the correct service name. In this example, we are referring to Google Analytics.

if(window.sp && sp.checkConsent('Google Analytics')) {
  return 'true';
} else {
  return 'false';

4. Save all your Changes and click on the Rules Tab. Select the rule where you want to setup blocking.

5. Add a new Event by clicking on the plus sign. Select Event Type as Data Element Change and Select the name of the respective Data Element.

6. Next we need to add a condition to the Rule. Click on the plus icon in the conditions. Select Login Type as Regular and Condition Type as Value Comparision. 

7. Select the respective values of the Left and Right operands. Refer to the below screenshot for details. 

8.  Click on Keep changes and publish the Build.

9. Repeat the same for all the Rules on your Adobe Launch.