While using GTM you may encounter a situation where you want to check the user's consent before firing any trigger.

In such cases, you can follow the Guide below for conditional triggering. 

In GTM, a tag will fire if all the trigger conditions on a tag evaluate to true. So you must add a condition to the existing trigger by adding a user-defined variable. Trigger conditions must all evaluate to be true for the trigger to fire.

Here is an example of adding a consent condition to an existing trigger:

  1. Create a user-defined variable and name it "Check {{Plugin_name}} consent". In the field "Custom Javascript", enter the following snippet:

    return sp.checkConsent("{{Plugin_name}}"); 

2. Replace the {{Plugin_name}} with the exact name of your Service (Plugin), as shown on your scan report. The Service names are case-sensitive.

3. Modify your custom event trigger configuration as shown below. The values of the cookie consent trigger condition to add are: true/false (Boolean)

4. Your setup is now complete.