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Understanding the Audit Log (Audit Trail) in Secure Privacy

Learn how to effectively utilize the Audit Log (Audit Trail) feature in Secure Privacy to track changes and the history of actions performed within your account
Dan Storbaek
Updated 4 months ago

The Audit Log (also known as the Audit Trail) in Secure Privacy is a powerful feature that allows you to track changes and activities within your account. It provides a comprehensive record of actions performed, helping you monitor and maintain control over your privacy management activities. This article will guide you through understanding and utilizing the Audit Log feature effectively.


Accessing the Audit Log

- Log in to your Secure Privacy account.

- Navigate to the "Audit Log" tab. This can be found within the "Account" area.

- Once you access the Audit Log, you will see a table with the following columns:

    - Domain: The domain associated with the activity.

    - Person: The person responsible for the action.

    - Description: A brief description of the activity or change made.

    - Area (sortable): The specific area or module of Secure Privacy related to the action.

    - Action (sortable): The type of action performed, such as created, updated, or deleted.

    - Date: The date (and the timestamp when hovering) when the action occurred.

Filtering the Audit Log

The Audit Log provides filtering options to help you find specific information. By default, the Audit Logs are presented for all Domains: If you want to see the logs for a specific domain and/or required period - please configure the appropriate fields / widgets.

- Filter by Date: Use the calendar dropdown widget to select a specific date or date range to view logs for that period.

- Filter by Domain: If you have multiple domains, you can filter logs based on a specific domain name. Click on the domain name in the search field to narrow down the results.

Utilizing the filtering options allows you to focus on specific timeframes, domains, or both, making it easier to analyze and track specific activities or changes.

The Audit Log in Secure Privacy serves as a vital tool for maintaining accountability, ensuring compliance, and investigating any unauthorized activities. By reviewing the Audit Log regularly, you can identify any discrepancies, monitor user actions, and maintain an accurate record of privacy management activities.

We recommend reviewing the Audit Log periodically to stay informed about the changes and activities within your account. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, our support team is always ready to help.

Thank you for choosing Secure Privacy as your trusted privacy management solution.

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