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Leveraging Account-Level Configuration for Cookies, Pixels, Iframes, and Services to Drive Business Success

Learn how to use the account-wide functionality on the Classification page to configure cookies, pixels, iframes, that align with your business needs.
Dan Storbaek
Updated 4 months ago

This is a quick guide on how to leverage our account-wide functionality spread across the Classification page. It allows you to configure cookies, pixels, iframes, and services on a wider scale throughout your account to align with your specific business requirements. The beauty of this feature? Any account-wide configuration will override domain-level setups providing you with greater control.

- the Account -> Classification -> "Cookies" tab

Clicking 'Add Cookie' will allow you to configure:

- "Cookie name"

- "Host"

- "Category" (can only be configured on the "Service" tab)

- "Service name"

- "Expiry" date

- Specific "Description" in multiple available languages

This configuration will be applied to all domains on the account, overriding the settings on all the Domain -> Classification pages.

- the Account -> Classification -> "Pixels" tab

Clicking 'Add Pixel' will show relevant options:

- Source URL

- Service name

As with cookies, account-level pixel options ensure a cohesive experience across domains.

- the Account -> Classification -> "Iframes" tab

Clicking 'Add iframe' allows to set:

- Level (domain/account)

- Source

- Service name

These settings, applied on an account level, ensure your iframes behave uniformly across all domains, irrespective of individual domain settings. 

- the Account -> Classification -> "Services" tab

Clicking the "three-dot" menu and then "Edit" allows configuration of:

- Service Name

- Category

- Script Source (Multiple sources must be comma-separated)

- Privacy policy

By configuring services at the account-level, you can achieve a coordinated services' interaction across all domains.

Unlock the power of account-level configurations on the Classification page to ensure a unified setup across all domains and make sure these settings are seamlessly aligned with your business needs. Remember, these account-wide settings take precedence over domain-level setups, giving you more control over what data is collected and how it's processed. To deliver a consistent and optimized web experience, take advantage of this key feature, and drive your business towards success!

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