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Customize Your Website's Cookie Banner Using Templates

Gain a better understanding of how to utilize the different features under the Cookie Banner page of the template settings. Tailor your website's cookie banner
Dan Storbaek
Updated 3 months ago

Online businesses have a responsibility to inform users about the use of cookies on their websites. The use of cookie banners is crucial to build trust, enhance user experience, and ensure legal compliance. Cookie banners play a pivotal role in eliciting necessary consent from users for the use of tracking cookies. This article presents a comprehensive guide that will enhance your understanding of cookie banners and templates, and the various elements on this section.

Quick feature index:

To locate the feature, login into your Secure Privacy account, click on the "Templates" in the navigation bar,

select the template you want to modify and then switch to the "Cookie banner" tab:

The Enable Cookie Banner setting is preconfigured for every template. However, this can be changed to either enable or disable the cookie banner whenever necessary. It gives you control over whether to display the cookie banner to users or not.

You have an option to preview the cookie banner across different device interfaces - desktop, tablet and mobile. Although the preview may not be 100% correct, it gives you a good idea of how the cookie banner will appear to your users. You may switch to full screen for a more thorough visual understanding.

(3) Switch to Edit mode:

In order to change / adjust the Cookie Banner settings if such need arises - please click the "Edit" button

This mode switches to the Editor layout divided into Language, Text, Buttons, Advanced Categories and Preview sections.

(4) Edit mode: Language

Language set is preconfigured for each template, in this case, relevant languages for the EU countries. However, you can add or remove languages on the Template -> Settings page according to your preference.

(5) Edit mode: Text

Edit the cookie banner's heading to capture your users' attention and give them a clear idea of what the cookie banner is about. The "text" sub-section allows you to edit the text elements (including hyperlinks and special link to UI elements, such as: preference center, privacy policy, cookie policy, data request form) of the cookie banner. While the text is already preconfigured for you - this can be tailored to fit your company's tone and branding, ensuring a seamless user experience.

(6) Edit mode: Buttons

Customize the text/wording for the Accept, Decline, and Personalize button text in each of the attached language. The Decline and Personalize buttons can be independently enabled or disabled as per your website's needs. The default state of these buttons is preconfigured for each template but can be modified as needed.

(7) Edit mode: Advanced categories

The advanced categories of cookie banner can only be enabled or disabled here (and quickly previewed in the "Preview" section below). These are preconfigured for each template, however, you have the option to edit the text of each category separately inside the "Preference center" tab for better customization.

(8) Edit mode: Preview

To ensure you have the desired setting, the interactive preview reflects the latest edits on the Cookie Banner. It can be previewed on different platforms - desktop, tablet, and mobile, to ascertain it aligns with the rest of your website's design.

Mastering the use of the "Templates" -> "Cookie Banner" page allows you to preview (and adjust if needed) a clear and engaging cookie banner compliant with various data privacy regulations (covered by a separate template). With various pre-configured templates and easy-to-use settings, you can create a perfectly customized cookie banner that suits your website's look and feel while meeting your legal requirements. By fine-tuning each element from the language to the advanced categories, you can go even further, to seamlessly configure a cookie banner that not only aligns with your brand's tone but also provides a smooth user-friendly experience. Remember to use the interactive preview feature to visualize the changes and the intended final result (while it may not 100% correct).

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