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Enhance User Trust with the Cookie Widget / Trust Badge

Comprehensive information about the 'Trust Badge / Cookie Widget' page. Learn how to personalize and fine-tune cookie widget to suit your business needs.
Dan Storbaek
Updated 4 months ago

You chose to develop your web presence using our templates because they are versatile, user-friendly, and responsive. But how about adding one more layer? A layer of trust! That's where our Cookie Widget / Trust Badge page steps in. It is specifically designed to build trust and confidence amongst site visitors by being accessible and transparent about cookie use. This article provides a description of the user interface (UI) elements on the "Templates" -> 'Widget' page. 

Log in into your account. Once you're logged in, click the "Templates" option (1). Here, you'll see a host of templates you can preview and modify to your liking. Select the template that fits your requirements (2). After choosing a template, redirect to the "Widget" section (3):

(1) Enable Cookie Widget

This feature is preconfigured for each template but holds the ability to be manipulated based on your requirements. It allows for the enabling or disabling of the cookie widget on any template. Kindly note that cookie widget / trust badge enhances user experience by providing accessibility and clarity about website's cookie usage and public privacy stance.

(2) Preview Cookie Widget

With the Preview option, you can visualize what your cookie widget will look like in different settings: desktop, tablet, and mobile. Remember, the preview may not be 100% accurate. You can switch to full-screen to gain a more comprehensive perspective.

After switchin to "edit" mode, you'll get to make desired changes to your cookie widget / trsut badge. Here, you can tailor the text, according to your website needs and user expectations.

(3) Edit mode: Language

The language feature is preconfigured and pre-translated for each template. If required, additional languages can be added or removed under the Template -> Settings page, ensuring your website is accessible to other audience, than defined in the template. Click "Save" to apply the changes.

(4) Edit mode: Embed

The final step is embedding the widget on your platform. It can be achieved effortlessly with the provided shortcode. Click on the "copy to clipboard" option and paste it into the page template, so that it would appear on your website.

Understanding and leveraging the trust badge / cookie widget's will enable you to customize this tool to align with your online business, enhancing your website's professionalism and user interaction. Remember that each of these features plays a pivotal role in building transparency between you and your visitors. Continually modifying and personalizing your website using these widgets will keep your business relevant and credible with your users.

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