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Upload Custom Logo - personalize the appearance of banners!

Learn how to upload a custom logo to update the branding of the banners. Follow the step-by-step guide to personalize the appearance with your own logo!
Dan Storbaek
Updated 4 months ago

Uploading a custom logo to your Design allows you to personalize the appearance of the cookie banner and preference center with your own logo that will blend with the websites' design even more. This article will guide you through the process.


1. Access the “Designs” page

- Log in to your Secure Privacy account.

- Navigate to the “Designs” page from the top navigation bar.

- Search / Select the design to be modified with custom logo.

- Under the "Settings" tab, locate the "Logo" section.

- Click on the "Select new image" button.

- A file selection dialog box will appear.

- Locate and select your logo file on your computer.

- Ensure that your logo file is in PNG or JPG format.

Note that the dimensions should be around 100px by 100px.

- Once you have selected the file, click on the “Upload”  button.

- Wait for the upload process to complete.

3. Verify Logo Upload

- After the upload is successful, you should see a preview of your logo.

Due to CDN caching - you may need to use VPN to some other location to see the changes immediately.

- Ensure that the logo is displayed correctly and is in line with your expectations.

Your custom logo will now replace the default image in the banners / preference center!

Uploading a custom logo in your user settings/account allows you to personalize the banners. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily upload your own logo and achieve a customized appearance for your cookie banner.

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