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Enhance the Look of Your Website with Customized Cookie Banners Design

Improve website user experience and increase audience engagement through personalized cookie banner designs. Access a suite of customization options seamlessly!
Dan Storbaek
Updated 4 months ago

Welcome to our knowledge base article on how you can enhance your website by customizing the design of your cookie banner page. The design and appearance of a website go a long way in improving user experience and creating a strong first impression. The cookie banner is no exception, as it is often the first interaction a user has with your site. By strategically choosing your cookie banner design and personalizing it to your liking, you can increase user engagement and enhance your audience's browsing experience.

To start, you will need to log in to your account. Once you've entered your credentials, navigate to the 'Design' (1) option available in your dashboard. Here, you can select a design (2) to preview and potentially modify. Look for the 'Cookie banner' section (3) - this is where you can experiment and design your unique cookie banner.


The first aspect to pay attention to is the position of the cookie banner. Your design platform provides you with several pre-defined cookie banner designs to choose from – and you can customize each to your liking.


With two different banner designs, you can ensure your site has the right balance of visibility and subtlety. These popular designs blend aesthetic appeal and clarity, offering two unique looks to choose from.


If you want to emphasize the Banner or give it a 3D look, the Bar with padding on all sides is an excellent choice. It will make your cookie banner pop, without overwhelming the content of your website.


The corner position is perfect for creating a cookie banner that is unobtrusive yet easily spotted. This option allows your cookie banner to integrate seamlessly into your website design.


This option ensures your cookie banner aligns with your brand while maintaining an easy-to-spot location on your webpage.


For advanced customization, the platform provides an option to add your custom CSS. By injecting your custom CSS, you can extensively personalize your cookie banner's design features, giving your website a truly unique touch.


You can also adjust the colors to suit your branding. This section is critical as the right use of color can significantly enhance user engagement. From changing the background color to adjusting the border color, step into the exciting world of color customization. The choices extend to the text, including headings, body text, link and hover color. 


The design platform offers options to customize Accept, Decline and Customize buttons separately. These changes are broad, ranging from the filling of the buttons (either fill or stroke) to the corners (smooth, sharp, or rounded). You can change the background color, hover background color, text color, and hover text color for each button.


Before you publish your changes, take advantage of the preview feature to see how your design will look on different devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobiles. Switch to full screen to get the best visualization of your design. Please note, while doing your best to accurately represent your design, the preview may not be 100% correct.

Designing a unique and personalized Cookie Banner is possible even without immense design knowledge. With several choices on positions, the ability to add custom CSS, and numerous color options, your cookie banner can resonate with your brand ethos. Make sure to use the preview option to fine-tune your design before making it live. Remember, the right design can help create a welcoming digital environment, achieve more engagement, and ensure regulatory compliance. Happy designing!

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