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'Design' ->'Widget' Page: Tailoring the Aesthetics of Your Widget

Explore the functionality of the 'Design' -> 'Widget' page on our platform. Learn how to customize intricacies of your widget, from the floating type to custom CSS and logos.
Dan Storbaek
Updated 4 months ago

Welcome to our intuitive and user-centric platform, where we allow our users to personalize and adapt their widgets as per their preferences. Our 'Design' -> 'Widget' page unlocks some customization options, letting you transform the widget’s presentation and behavior. Everyone from beginners to seasoned developers can leverage these adjustable settings to create the required interface. The importance of optimal customization via Custom CSS in this era of innovation cannot be neglected. Personalization empowers the user, elevating user experience by aligning the interface with the user's expectations, preferences, and habits. This article provides a detailed walkthrough of the settings on the 'Design' -> 'Widget' page.

To begin, login into your account using your registered username and password. Once logged in, navigate to the 'Design' section available in the toolbar at the top of the dashboard. In the 'Design' section, you can select a design to preview or modify according to your preferences. Once done, proceed to the 'Widget' subsection.

Widget type: floating

Our floating widgets offer the utmost flexibility and configurability, unlike other options. A floating widget isn't constrained by a single position, making it more engaging for your audience. You control various customization aspects, such as the style, design, and color, aligning them with your brand's look and feel.

Widget type: button

The button widget type represents a straightforward, streamlined option with no customizable features. Despite its simplicity, its unobtrusive design is ideal for specific interface designs where the aim is to maintain interface cleanliness and simplicity.

Widget type: hyperlink

Similar to the button widget type, we provide a hyperlink widget that is non-configurable. Its simplicity can be ideal for specific designs where less is considered more, delivering a minimalist user interface.


If you're not satisfied with changes or want to start fresh, use our reset functionality. This option enables you to revert all the settings to their default state, allowing you to begin customizing again from scratch.


Our versatile platform allows you to preview the widget's appearance across various devices like desktops, tablets, and mobiles. Although the preview might not always be 100% accurate, you can switch to full screen for a complete view. Please note that this expanded view provides an approximate, not absolute, prediction of the user interface functionality.

Widget type: floating - style

Play around with styles for our floating widget. Whether you want only an icon, text, or a combination of text and icon, we have you covered. Experiment with it to find what satisfies your audience better.

Widget type: floating - design 

Our stronger emphasis is on the customizable aspects of the floating widget's design. Here, you can adjust the widget's location, choosing top or lower corners to adhere to your page design. We offer several shape options, including smooth, sharp, and round. The option to incorporate a logo comes with a choice between the default Secure Privacy logo, a cookie, or a fingerprint. 

For advanced customization, you can also opt to incorporate an entirely custom logo or utilize our custom CSS option. This option to apply custom CSS allows you to fine-tune every design detail, making the widget critically aligned and suitable for your webpage.

Widget type: floating - color

The color adjustment feature lets you control both text color and background color. Enhance the perception of your widget by tweaking these colors to match your brand.

We understand that customization plays a pivotal role in enhancing user experience. This belief is ingrained in our platform's design, offering customizable options. Our 'Design' -> 'Widget' page provides you with easy-to-use and intuitive personalization options. Whether you wish to maintain simplicity by opting for the button widget type or aim for extensive customization via the floating widget type and Custom CSS, the choice is yours. We aim to empower the user, so you manifest your own unique taste with our platform. Creating your perfect user interface couldn't be easier with this detailed explanation of our 'Design' -> 'Widget' page.

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