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Modifying Data Retention Period for Legal Templates

Discover how to modify the data retention period for legal templates in Secure Privacy. Choose options to ensure compliance with your privacy practices.
Dan Storbaek
Updated 4 months ago

Follow these steps to adjust the data retention period for a predefined legal template in Secure Privacy. Learn how to navigate to the template settings, select a retention period (12 months, 6 months, or “Do not store”), and apply the changes to specific domains.


1. Login and select the Templates page

- Visit the Secure Privacy website and log in using your credentials.

- Once logged in, navigate to the “Templates” page via the top navigation bar.

2. Access the Template's Settings

- On the templates page, find the template for which you want to modify the data retention period.

- Under the “Settings” tab options for the selected template, locate the data retention period setting.

3. Choose the Retention Period

- Click on the dropdown menu and select the desired data retention period:

    - 12 months: Retain user data collected by the template for 12 months.

    - 6 months: Retain user data collected by the template for 6 months.

    - Do not store: Do not retain any user data collected by the template.

4. Apply and Save the Changes

- If you want the modified retention period to apply to specific domains, select the relevant domains or websites from the provided dropdown list.

- Once you have adjusted the data retention period and selected the domains, save the changes to update the template settings.

Note: It's important to review and comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations when determining the appropriate data retention period for your legal templates.

By following these steps, you can easily modify the data retention period for a legal template in Secure Privacy to align with your organization's data retention policies and legal requirements.

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