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[CMP v1] How to classify and edit your cookies and services

[CMP v1] Master the use of the domain-level Classification page to configure cookies, pixels, iframes, and services to suit your business needs, using this guide.
Andrew Sidorkin
Updated 3 months ago

Secure privacy provides a “Cookie classification” feature to classify and edit your cookie details.

Note: changes to the classification of your cookies (and therefore to the cookie declaration) has to be applied by rescanning your domain.

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How to locate the feature

  1. Login into your Secure Privacy account, select the domain you will be working with by clicking the “domain-name” button and selecting the proper domain.

  2. Click “Classification”.

How to edit the category of a cookie or a service?

  1. Locate a service, click the "Edit" button
  2. Then select the required “Category” from the dropdown list to fit your business flow logic. 


Note: the “Host” here - a domain name of the website placing this specific cookie, while “Service” - is a widely used name/tag associated with the cookie.

3. You can use edit the “Category” of a particular cookie/service, as well as other parameters, like “Service” name/tag, “Privacy Policy” link and “Description”. Hit “Save” to apply your edits.


Please note: if a category has the “Multiple categories” value - that means that categories for cookies of this particular service provider have different values, and this may lead to unexpected results while reviewing your Consent tracker. Namely, when a visitor blocks one category but allows for another from the same service name provider - both cookies will be blocked since the “block” action has higher precedence over the “allow” action.

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