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How to install Secure Privacy on Joomla

Secure Privacy solution is compatible and can be installed on your Joomla-powered website. The installation process includes editing the main page template.
Andrew Sidorkin
Updated 1 day ago

Follow these steps to install Secure Privacy on Joomla.

  1. Go to the "Installation" page and copy the Secure Privacy script for the domain in question.

  2. Log into the Joomla Administration panel.

  3. Click on the Template Manager link.

  4. Click the Templates tab.

  5. Locate the template your site is using, then click on its title.

  6. Click the Edit main page template link.

  7. Locate the section and insert your Secure Privacy script right below it.

  8. Save & Close button.

  9. Your Secure Privacy Tracking Code is now installed!

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