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How to install Secure Privacy on Drupal

Learn how to install Secure Privacy on your Drupal 9 powered website using the "Header and Footer Scripts" extension. Step by step guide for a secure and personalized digital experience.
Andrew Sidorkin
Updated 3 months ago

Drupal is a digital experience management system to drive web content and multichannel personalized experiences that help your organization connect with users, customers and visitors wherever they are! The Drupal community is now one of the world's largest open-source projects, with over 1 million contributors.

Note: to proceed with installation further, you’ll need to have your unique Secure Privacy installation code. Login into your Secure Privacy account - and copy the code on the “Installation” page.

A step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Install the recommended extension

The extension to install - "Header and footer scripts" -

(skip to step 2 if you know how to install Drupal 9 extensions)

  • Visit the page above, to locate the "Downloads" section and copy the latest release link for Drupal 9, the link should look like this:


  • Login into Drupal 9 website as Admin, proceed to the "Extend" page and click the "Add new module"

  • paste the module install link, click "Continue"

  • Enable/install the "Header and Footer Scripts" extension under the "Extend" menu

Step 2: Add the Secure Privacy script using the "Header and Footer Scripts" extension

  • Copy the installation script from your Secure Privacy account under the "Installation" page

  • In your Drupal9 administration panel - go to "Manage" -> "Configuration" -> "Header Footer Scripts"

  • under the "Header Scripts"  -> "ADD SCRIPTS AND STYLES IN HEADER", paste the copied script code into the "Header Scripts" section, click the "Save configuration".

Congratulations! You have now installed Secure Privacy on your Drupal9-powered website!

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