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Integration Secure Privacy with Tealium

Learn how to integrate Tealium and Secure Privacy for effective cookie management on your website. Implement the installation script, configure the integration.
Andrew Sidorkin
Updated 4 months ago

Integration of banner Scripts with Tealium to manage the cookies on your website.

Implementing the installation script

    On the iQ Tag Management menu, select Extensions.

  • Click Add Extension

  • From the Advanced tab, select Advanced Javascript Code.

  • Enter a title for the extension - Secure Privacy
  • Select "Pre Loader" as a "Scope".
  • Under "Configuration", enter the following JavaScript:

the code should be located here - 

  • Once the code is added - click on “Approve for publish”

  • Select all the environment the code needs to be pushed.

  •  Publish the changes!

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