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[CMP v1] Authenticated scans via "Scan Behind Login" feature

[CMP v1] Discover how Secure Privacy's Scan Behind Login feature by scanning restricted areas is ensuring compliance. Strengthen your privacy management with the feature
Andrew Sidorkin
Updated 1 week ago

The "Scan Behind Login" feature of Secure Privacy enables website administrators to scan and monitor the content and elements present within the restricted areas of their websites. These areas typically require user authentication, such as login credentials, to access sensitive information or perform specific actions. With this feature, Secure Privacy extends its scanning capabilities beyond the public-facing pages and includes the protected sections of a website.

Note: the feature is limited to Enterprise plan only.

How to Enable and Configure the "Scan Behind Login" Feature:

- Log in to your Secure Privacy account.

- Navigate to the Scan report -> Settings section.

- Locate the "Scan Behind Login" button and click on it.

- Define the Login Page URL and other required parameters - 

Save the changes and initiate the website scan to start monitoring and identifying services/cookies within authenticated sections.

The "Scan Behind Login" feature offered by Secure Privacy empowers website owners to proactively address privacy and compliance concerns within the restricted areas of their websites. By extending scanning capabilities to authenticated sections, website administrators gain enhanced compliance assurance, and a holistic view of their entire website. Through customizable settings, Secure Privacy helps maintain a strong compliance posture and ensure the privacy of user data.

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