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Understanding the Global Privacy Control Feature in Secure Privacy

Learn about the Global Privacy Control feature in Secure Privacy, offering enhanced privacy protection and compliance with privacy regulations. Find out how GPC enhances user experience & simplifies c
Andrew Sidorkin
Updated 4 months ago

The Global Privacy Control (GPC) is an important feature implemented in Secure Privacy that enhances privacy protection for website visitors. This support article aims to provide you with an overview of how the GPC feature works and its benefits for both website owners and visitors.

What is Global Privacy Control?

The Global Privacy Control is a privacy standard that enables website visitors to exercise their rights regarding the collection and usage of their personal information. It allows users to signal their preference for data privacy by automatically sending a GPC signal through their browser.

How Does Secure Privacy Implement the GPC Feature?

Secure Privacy has integrated the GPC feature into its cookie banner solution, ensuring that website owners can respect the privacy preferences of their visitors. When a visitor's browser supports sending the GPC signal, Secure Privacy's cookie banner will detect and act on this signal to automatically limit the placement of cookies to essential ones only.

Benefits of the Global Privacy Control Feature:

- Enhanced Privacy Protection: By respecting the GPC signal, website owners using Secure Privacy demonstrate their commitment to protecting visitors' privacy rights and complying with privacy regulations.

- User-Friendly Experience: Visitors who have enabled the GPC feature in their browsers can enjoy a seamless browsing experience with reduced tracking and personalized data collection.

- Compliance with Privacy Regulations: The GPC feature helps website owners align with privacy laws and regulations that require obtaining explicit consent for cookie placement, ensuring compliance and minimizing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

- Simplified Cookie Management: With the GPC feature, website owners can streamline their cookie management process by automatically limiting the placement of non-essential cookies, reducing the need for manual intervention.

How to Enable the GPC Feature in Secure Privacy:

The GPC feature in Secure Privacy is automatically enabled for all our customers! That is - no additional actions or any configuration on your end is required.

The Global Privacy Control feature in Secure Privacy empowers website owners to respect visitors' privacy preferences and comply with privacy regulations. By automatically limiting non-essential cookies when a visitor's browser sends the GPC signal, Secure Privacy ensures a privacy-first approach, enhancing trust and transparency between website owners and their users. The GPC feature in Secure Privacy is enabled automatically to offer a privacy-focused experience to your website visitors.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with the GPC feature or any other Secure Privacy functionality, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at

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