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Scan Report Settings in Secure Privacy

Learn how to configure the Scan Report settings in Secure Privacy. Customize the scan location, frequency, email delivery options to comply with requirements
Dan Storbaek
Updated 1 week ago

The Scan Report feature in Secure Privacy allows you to configure settings related to the scanning process and the delivery of scan reports. By customizing these settings, you can ensure that the scan reports align with your preferences and requirements. Please find below the steps how to locate and configure the Scan Report settings.


- Access Scan Report Settings

- Visit the Secure Privacy website and log in using your credentials.

- Once logged in, navigate to the “Domains” section.

- Choose the specific domain for which you want to configure the Scan Report settings.

- Under the Reports section, click on “Scan Report” to access the scan report settings.

- On the Scan Report overview page, you will find a tab or button labeled “Settings”.

- Available Configurable Options

    Scan Location

This option allows you to specify the location from which the scans should be performed. You can select between the United States (default) and the European Union (Germany).

    Scan Frequency

With this option, you can determine the frequency at which the scans should be conducted. You have the choice between a monthly scan or a manual scan, which you can initiate whenever you prefer.

    Send Report via Email

This toggle switch enables or disables the feature to send the scan report via email. When enabled, the scan report will be sent to the email address associated with your logged-in user account.

    Include or Exclude pages from scanning

It may be necessary to include or exclude certain pages from the scan process based on the relevance, sensitivity or utility of the information held there. The feature can be configured here, please note the URLs must be comma-separated.

    Scan Behind Login

The "Scan behind login" section allows you to specify the necessary parameters for scanning web pages that require user authentication or access control. This feature is particularly useful for websites that have login systems or restricted areas. The provided set of options allows you to configure the scan settings to perform "scan behind login". You can specify the required various parameters related to the login process, such as the page URL, email/username field ID, email/username, password field ID, password, submit button ID, username button ID, action, reCAPTCHA, and/or if you need to press Enter after username/password.

By configuring these options, Secure Privacy will be able to navigate through the login process and access restricted areas of your website during the scanning process, providing a comprehensive analysis of your site's privacy and compliance.

- Save Your Changes

After configuring the desired options in the Scan report settings, don't forget to save your preferences to apply the changes. To do so, locate the “Save” button at the top of the settings page and click on it. This will ensure that your selected settings are saved and activated for future scan reports.

By adjusting these configurable options, you can tailor the scan report settings in Secure Privacy to meet your specific requirements and preferences. This provides you with flexibility and control over how the scans are performed, and the resulting report is delivered.

Note: It's important to choose the appropriate settings based on your website's characteristics and compliance needs to ensure comprehensive and accurate scan reports.

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