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How to integrate Secure Privacy with HubSpot

Learn how to integrate Secure Privacy with HubSpot to make your web pages GDPR compliant. Gain consent for cookies, document consent, and manage cookie settings for users.
Andrew Sidorkin
Updated 4 months ago


HubSpot helps marketers manage all aspects of their inbound marketing, from SEO, blog posts, social media, marketing automation, personalization to segmentation.

Inbound marketing, in opposition to traditional or outbound marketing such as ads and direct mails, is marketed by creating relevant content, that is search-friendly and attracts the customers to you.

How to make your HubSpot web pages GDPR complaint

Getting proper consent to the use of cookies from your visitors is a crucial part of rendering your website compliant with the GDPR. To be compliant, the consent has to be:

  • Obtained prior to the setting of the cookies on the user’s browser (strictly necessary cookies are excepted from this rule)

  • Given based on clear and specific information about what the consent is given to

  • Withdrawable - the user must have access to their settings and make changes to what cookies they want to accept and reject.

  • Kept as documentation that the consent has been given.

Installing Secure Privacy on HubSpot websites

To install Secure Privacy on HubSpot, you can follow these simple steps

  1. Navigate to your HubSpot website and open it in Edit mode

  2. Go to Settings Advanced options

  3. Paste your Secure Privacy installation code  (<script> tag) to 'Additional code snippets'.'

  4. Click on Publish to save your changes.

NOTE: HubSpot injects some cookies into the webpages, essential for the website to work. It is not possible to block those cookies or plugins. You can move these cookies or plugins to the Essential category inside our admin app.


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