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Styling & Customization

Accessibility and ADA compliance with Secure Privacy banners

Secure Privacy is designed with accessibility in mind, however, there are few things that need to be handled by the web admin to ensure compliance with WCAG

Formatting and Utilizing a Contextual Consent Page Template

Unlock the power of our context-specific authorization templates! Learn how to modify your preferred template design in contextual consent management.

Contextual Consent Design: How to Personalize Your Page User Experience

Enhance user engagement and user interaction on your website by understanding the importance of contextual consent page design to create a seamless experience.

Tailoring Your Preference Center for an Engaging User Experience

Learn to personalize your 'Preference Center' web page with our user-friendly features, including Custom CSS. This guide will assist in re-creating your brand

'Design' ->'Widget' Page: Tailoring the Aesthetics of Your Widget

Explore the functionality of the 'Design' -> 'Widget' page on our platform. Learn how to customize intricacies of your widget, from the floating type to custom CSS and logos.

Enhance the Look of Your Website with Customized Cookie Banners Design

Improve website user experience and increase audience engagement through personalized cookie banner designs. Access a suite of customization options seamlessly!

Optimizing User Engagement with the 'Preference center' Page on Your Templates

Discover how to maximize your user experience and enhance the relevance of your content by leveraging the powerful features of the 'Preference Center' page

Design Settings in Secure Privacy: Customize Privacy Toolkit

Learn how to personalize and customize the design settings in Secure Privacy to match your website's branding. Choose fonts, custom logos, design settings

Upload Custom Logo - personalize the appearance of banners!

Learn how to upload a custom logo to update the branding of the banners. Follow the step-by-step guide to personalize the appearance with your own logo!

A Guide to Design and Personalize your Banner, cookies, and preference center

Explore Secure Privacy's tools that allow you to customize banners and cookies for multiple domains. Learn how to create a new design, style cookie banners, customize widgets, and personalize your Pre